Energy of Light Discos

12 October, 2017

Discos creating Energy of Light and awareness of the benefits and importance to provide Social Activities for families and Individuals experiencing disabilities in DCSDC area.

So it’s Thursday 12th October and The Alley Theatre are getting prepared to host its monthly Energy of Light Disco (formerly Blackmoon Disco) with resident DJ Oliver Brown.

The disco is part of DCSDC’s Access and Inclusion Project managed by Louise Boyce. The project’s core aim is to increase participation in arts and cultural activity from the pan disability community to increase Health and Wellbeing. The Access and Inclusion project is specific to arts and culture directorate and with 25% of individuals within DCSDC experiencing long term illness and/or disability there is huge benefits to be gained within our pan disability community from this project- one of which being the Energy of Light discos.

Oliver Brown has been involved with the Access and Inclusion project for two years now and has been a great asset to the success of the discos that are provided on a monthly basis.

Oliver explained: “I passed all my DJ courses but I never really thought I wouldn’t get any opportunities because there were a lot of DJs doing the same thing. I then completed an event management course through the Access and Inclusion programme and Louise and I started the discos for adults who are experiencing physical, sensory, and or learning disabilities. Each month they are getting busier.”

Oliver further states: “These discos are perfect for me to get involved in because I’m physically disabled myself and I know first-hand how difficult it was for other physically disabled people to access activities and events. I am now the dj at Energy of Light discos. I had a brain tumour when I was 8 and it was removed but it reoccurred when I was 13, leaving me with a physical disability, poor eye sight and poor balance. I have always liked making people happy with music and these discos are special. The more people I make happy, the more it makes me happy too”

Louise Boyce echoes what Oliver says, “the discos are a very powerful events, and as an observer at the discos, I clearly see the benefits that they bring, not only to the participants, but also to their families and carers. The Alley provides a safe, friendly and accessible venue with disability aware staff and Oliver provides the music to meet the tastes of all. It is clearly evident to see that the discos are a vibrant setting for a great social outlet, a place to meet friends and for carers to talk to one another and have fun too.” If you have not attended an Energy of Light disco as yet, I would highly recommend that you try it once. The discos take place in The Alley, on a monthly basis, for £3.00 per entry with carers and parents at no cost. Contact The Alley Theatre on 02871384444 for further dates. If you would like any further information on The Access and Inclusion contact: , Telephone: 028 71 253 253 Extn :4349, Mobile: Text: 07713707912.

Energy of Light disco on from 7.00pm-9.00pm Thursday 12th October at The Alley Theatre with DJ Oliver.


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