24 October, 2017

From Monday 23rd October the Alley Theatre Gallery will be hosting the annual celebration of artistic creativity in the North West that is the “No Jury, No Prize” exhibition.

“No Jury No Prize” was conceived as part of the Derry-Londonderry City of Culture 2013, and since its successful launch at the London Street Gallery, the exhibition has gone on to become an annual fixture in the calendar of artists working across the border in Donegal and Derry.

For the past few years “No Jury, No Prize” has been shown at the Saldanha Gallery, Fort Dunree, but this year the exhibition organisers, Creative Village Arts from Derry and Artlink from Donegal, have sought to encourage more artists from across the region to join in. CVA and Artlink this year organised collections of artwork from artists based in and around Portrush and Strabane, as well as Derry and Buncrana, and have moved the exhibition to a larger gallery, The Alley Theatre Gallery in Strabane, in order to accommodate more work.

For the gallery visitor, the appeal of “No Jury, No Prize” lies in the unexpected charm of encountering artworks by some of the region’s most celebrated artists hung alongside work submitted by enthusiastic amateurs. The exhibition is always a vibrant and eclectic mix of subject matter, styles and mediums, with something to challenge and something to satisfy all opinions. All artwork submitted is shown, on condition that it does not breach copyright or cause offence, and it is displayed without any sense of hierarchy and judgement.

The “No Jury, No Prize” exhibition is both a celebration of art and creativity, and a conceptual experiment into what is art, who is an artist and how we can open these parameters up to everyone who wishes to actively create.  It is inspired by the artistic experimentation and egalitarian ethos that emerged out of the Salon des Refusés and the Société des Artistes Indépendants in 19th century Paris. This democratic expression of art is related to a wish for people to realize the power of creativity in effecting positive changes in their lives.

The entirely un-juried exhibition is undoubtedly the largest showcase of local art in the North West region.

Celebrated local artist, Maurice Harron, will be officially opening the exhibition on Wednesday 25th October, from 7 – 9pm, and the exhibition will run to Friday 17 November. Everyone Welcome.

For more information call the Alley Theatre Box Office on 028 71 384444 or online www.alley-tehatre.com

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