25 April, 2018

After a sell-out show last year and back by popular demand is Nuala and Noleen smash hit ‘It’s Wine O’Clock’ at the Alley Theatre on Friday 11th May.

It’s Wine O'Clock was the sharpest comedy of 2017, and it was devised and written by Rozlyn Sheridan and Teresa McBride.

The dynamic duo also play every character in the show - both gals and guys.

Clearly Rozlyn and Teresa are hugely talented, on a scale that would delight any superhero. Though what makes them so successful is their ability to understand the foibles and fumbles of ordinary people.

Then add a comic twist.

It’s Wine O'Clock takes place at a wedding in the fictional Ballymuff Hotel, south of the Irish border.

Seamus, a farmer from South Armagh, is marrying Sharon, a Belfast girl he met on Tinder, who is heavily pregnant. The story of the couple's special day is told by various people at the wedding, including Yummy Mummies, elderly grannies, a pair of farmers... plus other characters, both familiar and fun.

Add to this heady mix the 'Winebulance', a sort of ambulance that provides wine instead of bandages and pills.

The play involves a lot of quick changes for Rozlyn and Teresa. It also showcases their acute observational skills and comic timing.

"I absolutely love it," said Teresa, from Glassdrummond in Silverbridge, South Armagh. "When we are in the right costume and wig and have our props, it's quite easy to jump into each character."

She added: "The fact that we play such a range of characters, and that our costume changes are so fast, is actually quite the talking point with our audience. On a few different occasions some people thought there were four people in the show - which we've taken as a compliment!"

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