02 October, 2018

Bard Theatre are coming to the Alley Theatre 12th-13th October, proudly presenting Silence, an original Three-Act penned by author Andrew William Tinney.

After the success of the groups first ever performance, The Coarse Acting Show, Bard return with a new drama that will debut in the Alley, before touring the circuit as part of the Irish Drama Festivals

Silence tells the story of Ireland in the 1700’s when the first migrants left for America. It follows Lucy, born a mute, her family and the people who shape their society. It is a tale of the harrowing brutality of humanity, the exploitation of religion and the tragedy that so often accompanies love.

Bard Theatre’s utilises theatrical storytelling, using movement, multi-role actors and fast paced-action to present Silence. The audience can expect laughter and shock, scenes of joy and scenes without hope. The groups aim is to present humanity as it is, bare bones and thought-provoking.

As the characters repeat throughout the play, “This is not a happy tale,” but nonetheless it is a story Bard feel is worth telling

Tickets are £10,£8 (con) available online www.alley-theatre.com or call 028 71 384444

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