Movers and Shakers Theatre Group presents: "Roll Over Play Dead"

Thu 09 Feb 2023

"Roll over play dead" is a play written by Pat Mulkeen, it tells the story of a group of woman fed up with being treated like doormats, who embark on a "journey" seeking to find themselves and gain empowerment along the way.
We have Rosaleen, who is married to Charlie who is obsessed with Derry FC & who barely notices she's there.
Martha who has dumped her husband and is now a mature student at Magee university and is loving life and feeling 18 again.
Mona, a housewife, mother and granny who is content with her lot but... is she really...?
The beautiful Dorothy, Tai Chi & yoga facilitator who has discovered her true self & encourages others to find their self worth & inner peace.
Finally, we have Charlie (The only male in the show) well he's a "BIG DOTE" to everyone outside of the house. 

Show details

Start Time: 19:30 PM
Venue: The Alley Theatre - Main Auditorium

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