Imbokodo The Musical

Fri 13 Sep 2024
Tickets from £13 (con) - £15 (Full Price)

A musical show performed by an all-female cast who share their stories to each other through dialogue, music and dance. The stories look at the struggle women from all aspects of life go through. The women who left for exile to fight for the liberation of their country leaving their families behind. The horror of Chobediso, looking at the effects on the victims. We investigate the horror of GBV, and other situations women go through while trying to survive. The show is covered by beautiful sounds of Marimbas and indigenous instruments. The female vocal harmony transition into their performances, making for a diverse set which draws on the vibrancy of 1950s Doo-Wop ,the all singing,all-dancing presentation of the 1960s soul groups and the more saccharine tendencies of the modern R&B outfits as much as the soft, healing invocations and exhilarating spirit of their own tribal cultures.  

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Start Time: 20:00 PM
Venue: The Alley Theatre - Main Auditorium

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  • Reviews

    "IMBOKODO sing positively, dance playfully with accomplish tightness, using their whole bodies and weaving movement into their music. Body-percussion, loud footwork blend with harmony and story-song. They blend styles and moods, tending towards the upbeat, the spiritual and the romantic." The Star

    "Not afraid to mix in a bit of western pop with songs more traditional to their culture, Imbokodo The Musical keep things light and a little cheeky with a full set that will be enjoyed by a wide range of music lovers" Sowetan

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