Cassoni's Jukebox Returns

Wed 19 Jun 2019

 ‘MUSIC TO YOUR EARS’ MENS GROUP PRESENT:                                                       






ITUNES, YOUTUBE, SPOTIFY, THINGS YOU POSSIBLY KNOW LITTLE OR NOTHING ABOUT, is maybe a good place to start for those of a certain generation that still remember the introduction of what has now become the iconic ‘JUKEBOX’.

THE JUKEBOX was indeed the pre-curser to all the above, a beautifully constructed piece of machinery that became the centrepiece of many a dull and dreary room. A beacon of light, full of fantastic 45’s of the time, that’s VINYL records to all You snowflakes out there.

Following on from the many sell-out shows delivered by Strabane’s ‘music to your ears’ Men’s group the lads have again taken on the pleasant task of remembering, in their own inimitable style some of the many magical days and Nights spent huddled around a plate of Fish and chips with friends and possible future partners in the company of the ‘LOCAL JUKEBOX’.

So take a step back in time with us when Cassoni’s Café was one of the many local hangouts that enriched the lives of young ladies and gents of the time.

Memories and stories brought back to life through poignant, heart warming and even sometimes funny sketches. Music to sing to, and a chance to relive the possibilities that may or may not have arose as a night progressed in Cassoni’s, Way back when….

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Start Time: 20:00 PM
Venue: The Alley Theatre - Main Auditorium

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