The Daughters of Roisin

Thu 19 Sep 2024
Tickets from £12 - £12

Journey with Ireland’s daughters as they battle the shame of pregnancy out of wedlock.

Confined to a room for nine months in a house she once called her home. The Daughters of Roisin is a poignant ode to Ireland's hidden past that explores the church and state-sanctioned abuse against women and their babies over the last 100 years. The play is inspired by the story of Aoibh's great-grandmother and tells the story of oppressed Irish women as they navigate pregnancy in and Ireland that doesn't accept them. 

Please note this is suitable for 16+.

Show details

Start Time: 20:00 PM
Venue: The Alley Theatre - Main Auditorium

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  • Reviews

    Aoibh Johnson has a captivating presence. The Adelaide Show

    "The play was powerful and emotive - beautifully written, staged and performed."

    “Powerfully and brilliantly executed. Genius.” Bernadette Devlin McAliskey

    “Excellent. Seeing it once might just not be enough.” Everything Theatre

  • Team & Cast

    Sole Productions

    Theatre Company

    Cahal Clarke


    Aoibh Johnson

    Writer and Performer
  • The Venue

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