Children's Creative Writing Online Workshop

Wed 13 May - Wed 10 Jun 2020

Workshop Wednesday - Online Creative Writing Workshop

Soar - A Man, a Mouse and a Flying Machine

Let your imagination and creativity soar as you take part in this fantastical project that begins with a story about invention and adventure.

Create your own characters, flying machine and perilous journey with creative tasks and hands on activities that embrace wild imaginations, thinkers, artists and wordsmiths. Come along, fly with Ink Wing Academy!

Recommended age 6+. To secure your place on this FREE workshop, email

Session 1: Introduction and characters
Read the story
Set task one: Your main character and his/her side kick (Mine is an inventor and a little mouse)
Draw the characters and write a description if you wish. I will model this in the video and use extracts from the text.

Session 2: The Flying Machine
Design your flying machine
Make it using natural resources outside, draw it or use Junk Modelling
Create instructions for how it creatively works (i.e. the one in the story is powered by butterflies)

Session 3: The Journey
Create a map for where the flying machine goes
Describe the journey - setting description (modelled in the video)
Make the map - tea stain it to make it look like an old treasure map. Write the setting description within the map if you wish.

Session 4: The Problem
What is the Problem in your story? There is a Kraken in my story
Design the 'Problem'. Where is it? Describe it and what your character sees from the flying machine.

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