Dumped Divorcee Rides Again

Thu 15 Feb 2018
Tickets from £13

By Greater Shantallow Community Arts

The smash hit, critically-acclaimed show ‘The Dumped Divorcee Divorce Group’, saw the divorcees ride off into the sunset with their new partners to live happily ever after. Right? Wrong!!!

After another major disaster in their love lives Rosie and Eileen are homeless and living with Maura in her two bedroom house, and the situation is explosive. Eileen has been de-robed and thrown out of the convent. Rosie has left her man because he was wearing out all her clothes. And Eugene, dumped by his bouncer boyfriend, has moved in bringing with him his enormous make up box and baldy, feather duster.

Eugene decides to give the support group one last try . . . . . .But what happens next makes the original support group look tame!

Show details

Start Time: 8pm
Venue: Main Auditorium

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