Meet Me On The Astral Plane by Natalie Pullen

Mon 29 Nov - Thu 23 Dec 2021
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Natalie Pullen is a Dublin-based visual artist concerned with the awkwardness, vulnerability and
absurdity of making an abstract painting and asking someone to look at it. Her solo exhibition Meet
me on the astral plane was created from a partnership between the artist and her materials in the
studio, in the midst of uncertainty and isolation due to the pandemic. It will be shown in the Alley
Arts Centre as an invitation to the public to share in this process.

What does it mean to not know what you’re looking for, and begin anyway?

The medium is not used to illustrate a pre-existing idea, but rather the work comes into being on the
canvas. High quality linen, sized with rabbit skin glue and primed with clear gesso provides a
particular surface. Oil bars allow her to draw with paint, and watercolours leave immediate and
unalterable stains as she negotiates with line, shape and colour.

The viewer will meet something not fully resolved, hovering between drawing and painting,
abstraction and landscape, open to participation through attentiveness. This exhibition offers a space
to be with that which we do not need to fully understand, but can bear witness to anyway.

Through fully inhabiting her studio practice and negotiating with surface, mark-making and the
application of paint, and through moments of display and gathering, Natalie Pullen attempts to
stammer the language of painting so as to unseat the inherited set of expectations it carries, and
encourage the audience to look again.

Natalie Pullen received her MA (1.1, 2018) and BA (1.1) from the National College of Art and
Design. She has two paintings in the OPW State Art Collection, as well as many private collections
in Ireland and internationally. Her work can be found at nataliepullen.com, and she can be contacted
at nataliepullen123@gmail.com. This exhibition is kindly supported by an Irish Arts Council Visual
Artists Bursary award, and Fingal Co. Council artist’s funding.

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Run Time: 3 weeks (approx)
Venue: Gallery

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