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Mindset Monday’s

Mon 04 - Mon 25 Jun 2018
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“ If you can change your mindset you will change your life!” Shauna O Donnell RTT

Everything begins inside your mind & with the right mindset you can overcome health challenges, free yourself

from habits that hold you back & succeed in any area of your life.

Mindset Monday is all about learning easy, but proven techniques that will help you live life on your terms.

This is a FREE event taking place on the first Monday of every month at the Alley Theatre Strabane 1.30pm-2.20pm

If you want to make positive,powerful, permanent changes in your life-joins me!


Short (15mins) Mini seminar on a specific aspect of mindset i.e.

• Rules of the mind

• Habits the create success

• "I am Enough"

• Being your best Cheerleader

• Negative Self Talk

• Fear vs. Logic

Discussion Q&A ( Tea/Coffee?) 15 Mins

Guided relaxation Meditation ( 20 Mins)

The overarching theme of these sessions is that they will be fun, interactive, interesting & for everyone!

Shauna O Donnell is a Rapid Transformational Therapist who is trained and mentored by the world famous Marisa Peer.

Shauna uses her blend of expertise in areas of mindset,meditation & coaching to help groups understand & use simple strategies that can change lives.

She also works with clients from all over the world helping them heal from the effects of anxiety & depression-without the need for medication.

Shauna is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Marisa Peer Method Therapist,

Endorphin Effect Practitioner, & Meditation Teacher.

She is a member of The National Council of Psychotherapists










Show details

Run Time: 1.30pm (approx)
Start Time: 2.30pm

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