That Scottish Play

Fri 02 Feb 2018
Tickets from £8 (schools), £10 (con) - £12

Macbeth and the witches meet again, in thunder, lightning, but probably no rain (we get enough of that as it is). The hurly burly’s all but done and now it’s time to have some fun.

Witchcraft? Yes. Murder? Yes. Tragedy? Not this time!

Commedia of Errors return, doing what they do best. Prepare to laugh, cry and be shocked… by how low we’ll stoop for a laugh. This is ‘Macbeth’ like you’ve never seen it - physical, guttural and intelligent - full of energy, comedy and all of the darkness and death that keeps audiences coming back to Shakespeare’s classic.

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Start Time: 8pm
Venue: Main Auditorium

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