The Day the Nation Shed a Tear/Ireland Shed A Tear

Tue 27 Feb 2018
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The day the nation shed a tear /Ireland shed a tear is a play inspired by the incident in Carrickmines in which 10 members of the Connors and Gilbrate families and an unborn child lost their life’s.

The play explores the issues surrounding the accommodations needs of the power families and their challenge to get the local authorities to provide them with a properly serviced site.

The play hopes to provoke the consciousness of the settled community and their attitude towards the Traveller community.

Mick the father in the Power family works hard to develops a plan to the local authority to provide accommodation for his family amid the controversy of the cost of the land and the cuts in funding for Traveller accommodation and collusion by the Local authority.

The play will look at some of the issues of racism affecting the Traveller community as evident around the time of the funerals of the families in Bray and Wexford of the funerals Carrickmines families.

After a meeting with the local authority to try to get the LA to identify a site for their accommodation Mick realises that he needs to win support from the settled community to further his cause as the election approaches no TD is going to be supporting Traveller sites without settled people / the electorate agreeing first.


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Start Time: 1pm & 7.30pm
Venue: Main Auditorium

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